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I am a visual artist who creates ethereal and playful personas, sculptures, and depictions of North Western Ontario landscapes. These creations strongly reflect my northern roots, focusing on the connections between the land, my body, and the materials I forge. Growing up in a rural community outside of Thunder Bay, I spent the majority of my adolescence wandering the land, observing wildlife, and building forts. My childlike receptivity to nature has significantly shaped my artistic approach today.

My process incorporates forged organic materials, recycled textiles, and found objects. These elements are intertwined through weaving, eco-dyeing, and other techniques to create wearable garments, sculptural forms, and sanctuaries, all crafted in my studio.They are later reintroduced back into the land, often left to the elements for reclamation. 

Creating these environments and experiences aims to welcome viewers into a realm of curiosity, observation, and introspection regarding their own relationships and associations with their environments. 


© 2020 Abbi Buckley 

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